Abu Dhabi: Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Public Works, has adopted a “green laboratory” project.

The new initiative aims to run a whole laboratory by using solar energy and air fans.

It also attempts to offer scientific sustainable devices to students and to prepare for the curriculum by highlighting the importance of sustainability.

Shaikh Hamdan presented his new policies on sustainability in his meeting with the Ministry on Thursday.

The new initiatives include a move towards a power consumption decrease and an aim towards a general decrease in pollution.

This is in line with the Emirati government’s aim to activate sustainability in projects and to limit power consumption.

This new lab project is the first experience of running a building with solar energy and wind.

It also focuses on spreading knowledge on sustainability in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

Shaikh Hamdan presented a study explaining the importance of using renewable energy systems through solar water heaters instead of electric heaters. Some other initiatives related to sustainability were put into practise to regulate air conditioning and water heating by using solar energy.

The project also focuses on recycling the waste in construction establishments and the use of Eco-friendly materials.

The Minister requested a forum of the Ministry of Public Works to recognise the best practises in sustainability across the country.