Saud Ali AlMatrooshi
Saud Ali AlMatrooshi takes part in the Fun Drive with a big group of family and friends. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Emirati Saud Ali AlMatrooshi, who is a member of the board at the Sharjah Classics Car club loves cars (as it would suggest), but the desert even more.

The avid off-roader never misses the annual Gulf News Fun Drive. “And I don’t come alone. I come with my brother Khalid Al Matrooshi and our friends. We are a big group of desert lovers and off-roaders who never like to miss the Fun Drive.”

AlMatrooshi said the annual event is professionally managed and that is what brings him, his family and friends to the Drive every year.

“The route is well designed with clear markings for drivers and navigators. The route is exciting and thrilling for someone like me who is experienced in desert driving. There are so many marshals to look after our safety. The guide book is so handy and useful. And in the end we have a good dinner, entertainment. It is a complete celebration of the Arabian culture and the desert.”

He added: “It is a great event for beginners and expert drivers to join in. In fact I would advise everybody living in the UAE to take this experience as it gives you the best feeling of the desert something that is so integral to our Arabic theme and culture.

“The Gulf News Fun Drive is a great way to also harness your desert driving skills. The route is well designed to cater to all levels. With help literally by your side, one can test desert driving skills right here. We wait for this annual event to also bond with friends and family. Meeting fellow desert enthusiasts is a top highlight of this weekend event.”