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Shabeena Zakir, 45, stay-at-home mom.

“I am very proud to be part of this country. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a very kind and friendly person and so are all Canadians. Canada has a very diverse population,there is so much love and acceptance, and even people who have come into Canada from other countries feel like it’s their home. I moved back to the UAE eight months ago and I am sad that this time my family and I won’t be celebrating Canada Day back in Canada with our fellow Canadians.”


Zehra Syed, 26, banker

“Yayyy! Happy 150th Birthday Canada! It’s a privilege for a Canadian to celebrate our many past accomplishments, our overwhelming moments and ties, which bond us! Canada truly means a land of diversity, which is our strength. It’s a country with tons of cultures. It has always spread the message of love and peace for unity! And in our own uniquely Canadian way - That better way is possible.”

The specialty of this event lies in strengthening all communities as the festivities take place.”

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Bianca Riley, 25, public relations executive

“I was born in Canada and have lived in Toronto as a child. I am of half Italian parentage and as a family have lived in Germany, Switzerland as well, but Canada is home to me. I think it is a great country because of its impeccable human rights record, welcomes refugees with open arms and is one of the most multicultural places I have known, and has universal health care. In Canada you can never be left out in the cold because there is transport available on every corner.”


Asad Haidar, telecommunications expert

“I have lived in US for six years and in Canada for seven years before moving here. Canada is a very generous welfare state that provides sound health care, unemployment dole and such a sense of security to immigrants moving from war torn countries. It has a very inclusive community and also motivates its people to extend a helping hand to others in need. My brother, who is a consultant in Vancouver, responded to PM Justin Trudeau’s call of adopting an immigrant family.”


Hisham Younis, 32, public relations

“ I moved to Canada with my parents when I was in elementary school and that place shaped my outlook on life, gave me a positive frame of mind and helped me truly understand the value of equal rights and opportunities for all. I grew up in a vibrant multicultural community in Ajax, Ontario where I learnt the true meaning of humane values in a very friendly and cooperative ethos. Canada never disappoints and there is something for everyone here.”


Compiled by Suchitra Chaudhary, Senior Reporter and Sara AlJneibi and Liyana Abdul Salam, interns at Gulf News