Gaza: UAE Red Crescent Authority crews have distributed 3,500 food packages to families in Gaza in the aftermath of the devastation unleashed by the Israeli army. The relief teams are also distributing clothes, sanitaryware and children’s accessories.

Emad Abu Al Laban, Director of the UAE Red Crescent office in Gaza, said members of the 5th UAE Red Crescent delegation in Gaza also handed over 2,000 charity food parcels to Palestinian charity foundations for distribution among displaced people in UNRWA schools and a number of families who have returned to their destroyed or damaged homes.

The members of the delegation also toured a number of houses in the Khan Younis neighbourhood and witnessed the extent of the damage to homes and the condition of the population there as a prelude to the distribution of seven truckloads of aid.

The UAE Red Crescent Authority is implementing an intensive aid campaign for the people of Gaza.

The Red Crescent Authority also maintains a field hospital in Rafah that is providing treatment to the wounded and receives dozens of injured people every day.