People visit the Sa'ar waterfall, near the Druze village of Ein Qiniyya in the Israeli-occupied side of Golan Heights. Image Credit: AP

Abu Dhabi: The UAE on Tuesday expressed its regret and condemnation of the US Administration’s decision, recognising Israel's sovereignty over Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.

The US move will definitely undermine the possibility of reaching a just and comprehensive peace in the region, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation, in a statement issued yesterday.

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“Regional stability and peace will never be possible as long as Israel continues its occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories,” the ministry stressed, adding that the occupied Golan Heights are categorically Arab and Syrian territories and the US decision does not change this fact.

The Ministry emphasized the importance of adhering to the Security Council resolutions No.242 of 1967 and No. 497 of 1981, and principles enshrined in the Arabic peace initiative regarding full withdrawal from the occupied Arabic lands, including the Syrian Golan