20200714 dubai court
Dubai Court Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Two jobless men tricked a Dubai company to wire Dh100,000 to a bank account through an email fraud.

The two men used a spoofed email for the company’s client to obtain the money.

Senior chief prosecutor Dr Khalid Al Junaibi from Deira Prosecution said the two suspects requested the company to pay the dues posing as their client.

The company wired the money to a bank account believing they wired the money to their client.

“A letter was received on the company email from another email impersonating a second company for commercial transactions. The suspect managed to mislead the company by creating a similar email format with one letter changed,” Prosecutor Al Junaibi said in a statement.

The company wired the money to the first suspect who transferred it to the second suspect’s bank account.

Dubai Public Prosecution has charged the two suspects with fraud and illegally obtaining Dh100,000.

The two have been referred in absentia to the Misdemeanor Court.