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Police advise motorists that vehicle decoration is allowed only from November 28 to December 6.

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Police have released a series of regulations for car decorations ahead of the UAE’s 51st National Day, and reminded motorists that all decorations must be removed after December 6.

Car decorations are permitted in Abu Dhabi Emirate between November 28 and December 6 online, and those who fail to remove additional car decorations after this date will be fined, the Police warned in a statement on its social media platforms.

Other instructions are designed to minimise public inconvenience.

What not to do

Vehicle decorations

  • Do not obscure or cover licence plates
  • Do not obscure windows or windshields with decorations, or apply unlicensed tints
  • Avoid installing decorative items that can hamper safety, such as a flagpole
  • Ensure that the decoration does not modify the colours of your vehicle
  • Remember that offensive phrases cannot be used in car decorations


  • Remember that the use of party sprays is banned completely
  • Never lean out of a moving vehicle
  • Do not overload the vehicle beyond its maximum capacity
  • Ensure that passengers are safely seated in the vehicle, and do not allow them on to the trunk of a pickup truck, or atop a car
  • Do not allow horses or camels onto the roads

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Traffic regulations

  • Do not step out of a vehicle in the middle of the road, or leave it unattended with the engine running
  • Do not park the vehicle in undesignated spaces, including on the hard shoulder or bus stops and taxi laybys
  • Do not obstruct traffic flow