181208 fnc council
The UAE Federal National Council. Image Credit: Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: The Federal National Council (FNC) is set to discuss four draft federal laws during its 14th meeting of the fourth ordinary session of the 17th legislative chapter in Abu Dhabi next Wednesday.

The meeting will be chaired by Saqr Ghobash, Speaker of the Council, at Zayed Hall in the Council’s headquarters.

The upcoming session will feature crucial discussions with the Council addressing the adoption of the consolidated final account of the union for the fiscal year ending on December 31, 2022.

Additionally, the session will focus on legislation related to procurement in the federal government, the regulation of partnerships between the federal and private sectors, and mental health concerns. Furthermore, the Council will present six questions to government representatives during the session.

The agenda includes six questions directed to Mohammed bin Hadi Al Hussaini, Minister of State for Financial Affairs and Chairman of the General Pension and Social Security Authority. The inquiries cover a range of important topics such as bank account incidents and withdrawals, the rights of people of determination, housing loans, the impact of raising the base interest rate (EIBOR) on the economy and citizens, pension deductions, and high fees for deferring mortgage installments.

In addition to the discussions and questions, the FNC will take note of the letters issued to the government regarding the recommendations on the impact of legislation regulating labor market activities on economic variables in the country. The Council will also review its own recommendations concerning the government’s policy on the regulation of private higher education.