Campaign slogan of Khawla ‘For a society free of spinsterhood’ Image Credit: Social media

Dubai: Khawla Abdul Aziz Rashed Al Ali, a contender in the Federal National Council (FNC) 2019 polls, sparked a heated discussion on social networking sites when she promoted polygamy for young Emiratis in her election campaign.

The FNC candidate from Sharjah, whose campaign can be seen on billboards across the emirate, sees polygamy as a solution to the increasing rate of spinsterhood in the country.

Her campaign slogan ‘For a society free of spinsterhood’ made her the talk of town, with men calling upon her as a role model and women slamming her, saying she is trying to get males voters on her side.

Reaching out to more than 337,000 voters, many of the 495 candidates running in the FNC elections started campaigning across the UAE, on Sunday, in their bid to win 20 parliamentary seats.

Advertisements in Arabic dailies, social media and street posters listed issues that the candidates would raise if elected. Khawla chose the issue of rising rates of single women in the country.

Khawla, in an interview with Arabic daily Al Bayan, said she expects a high percentage of votes from men and sane women voters as a result of raising the issue.

The final list of candidates includes 133 candidates from Abu Dhabi, 88 from Dubai, 114 from Sharjah, 61 from Ras Al Khaimah, 26 from Ajman, 20 from Umm Al Quwain and 53 from Fujairah.

Campaigning ends on October 4.