Abdullah Juma Hassan Al Shamsi Image Credit: Family

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Armed Forces has announced the death of another Emirati soldier in Yemen.

The soldier, 21-year-old Abdullah Juma Hassan Al Shamsi from Shaam area in Ras Al Khaimah, was martyred while fighting as part of Operation Restoring Hope, a Saudi-led Arab coalition that is backing the legitimate government of Yemen and aiming to drive out the Al Houthi rebels. Al Shamsi was part of the Emirati ground troops in Yemen, and was engaged to be married two months before he was deployed to the country.

Another UAE serviceman has also been injured. Details on his name and age were not immediately available, according to official news agency WAM.

The General Command of the UAE Armed Forces has extended its sincere condolences to Al Shamsi’s family, asking Allah Almighty to bless his soul and to bestow patience and solace on his family.

The latest casualty brings the death toll of Emirati soldiers fighting in Yemen to 68 since Operation Restoring Hope commenced in March last year.

Saeed Juma, 39, Al Shamsi’s brother, told Gulf News that they received the news of the martyrdom on Sunday (February 14) at around 1pm.

“He was a good man, loving and supportive,” Juma said.

Al Shamsi was born in 1995, and joined the UAE Armed Forces in 2012. He had insisted on joining the troops in Yemen, and Juma said this reflected his hope of achieving martyrdom, as well as his devotion to his country. He added that Al Shamsi had sacrificed his life to maintain the security and stability of the UAE.

“My brother celebrated his engagement last summer, and his main concern since joining the Armed Forces was to defend this great nation,” Juma said.

The martyr was greatly committed to his family, and took care of his brothers and sisters after their father passed away in 2012. According to Juma, the family last saw Al Shamsi when he came to the UAE on a visit a week ago and all the members of the family had gathered at their parents’ house.

He went on to add that that whole family was proud of Al Shamsi and would celebrate his sacrifice.

“If we had things more precious than our soul, we would sacrifice it for the sake of our country,” Juma professed.

The family is now awaiting the arrival of Al Shamsi’s body.

Dozens of martyred soldiers were brought home to the UAE last year, with leaders praising their commitment and nobility. While visiting families to offer his condolences, His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, said the leadership and people of the UAE are proud of the martyrs’ sacrifice and devotion of the sons of the nation who answered the call of duty.

A first batch of troops also returned home in November 2015 after recording many victories in Yemen. In addition, all the brave troops were honoured by UAE residents on Commemoration Day, celebrated on November 30.