Dubai Police's first female officers at Command and Control Centre
Illustrative file image: Dubai Police's first female officers at Command and Control Centre Image Credit: Supplied

The Dubai Police celebrated the graduation of the 75th and 76th batches of the First Responder Force (1RF) training course for female officers after they underwent extensive practical and theoretical training and advanced military drills.

Held at the Training City - Al Ruwayyah, the graduation ceremony was attended by Brigadier Musabah Saeed Al Ghafli, Deputy Director of the General Department of Protective Security and Emergency, Lieutenant Colonel Ayoub Hassan Al Mashrekh, Acting Director of the Police Operations Training Department; First Lieutenant Ahmed Al Harazi, Head of the Armed Response Section, along with a several number of officers and trainers.

Brig. Al Ghafli extended his congratulations to the female graduates, highlighting the strong commitment of the Dubai Police, under the guidance of Lieutenant General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, to enhancing and empowering its human resources across various scientific and practical domains through specialized field training which enable them to excel in their roles with utmost efficiency and proficiency.

He further said, "Emirati women play a significate and crucial role in the UAE's march of development toward pioneering and excellence. They're doing a magnificent job in the policing and military tasks to ensure the safety and security of this nation."

Brig. Al Ghafli pointed out that the course graduates received exceptional and professional field training, equipping them to effectively handle unforeseen emergency situations and engage in crucial field operations. He applauded the female graduate's remarkable skills and dedication to demonstrating their competence in training and managing diverse scenarios. He also commended their proficiency in handling weapons, raid operations, and other military drills.