Dubai: Dubai Municipality is beautifying the Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and Amman Road intersection in Al Muhaisnah, said the civic body on Monday.

Irrigation and planting work at the intersection is also under way to improve the public area.

In addition, the municipality is fencing the Al Ghusais landfill with trees and shrubs and extending a modern irrigation network to the landfill site, which will contribute to the elimination of odours while at the same time reducing the carbon footprint and enhancing the proportion of greening in the area.

“While implementing the project we have taken into account the remarks from the residents of the area on the smell emitting from the landfill,” said Talib Abdul Karim Julfar, Assistant Director General of Dubai Municipality for Environment and Public Health Services.

He said the cost of the two projects is Dh20 million, of which, Dh13 million will be used for the beautification and cultivation of the intersection.

“The work of plantation in Al Ghusais landfill was launched last October and will be completed by September this year. The contract for the project worth Dh7 million was awarded to a national company,” said Julfar.

“Fencing of the landfill with trees and shrubs will include planting 4,500 trees and some 25,000 shrubs on four sides,” said Saeed Safar, Head of Irrigation Projects.

“The contractor has started the work on the Sharjah side of the fence to stop the emission of odour to the emirate, as well as the extension of 6 kilometres of water connections and the work of irrigation water reservoirs with a capacity of 500 cubic metres for irrigating plants,” he said.

Safar added that the project will include the establishment of three lines of trees and four lines of shrubs to form a plant eyebrow that is capable of reducing the smells and at the same time creating an aesthetic shape for the landfill.

He pointed out that the irrigation and plantation project for the intersection, is due to be completed in February.

“It is aimed at beautifying Shaikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road from the Sharjah side by planting 460 large trees and 21,000 shrubs over an area of 67,000 square metres and multiple beautification works over an area 66,000 square metres,” said Safar.