Dubai's iconic Clock Tower Roundabout has been refurbished keeping in view its historical significance. Image Credit: DMO

Dubai: Dubai Municipality has completed the iconic Clock Tower Roundabout Development Project in Deira at a cost of Dh10 million, marking a significant milestone in the enhancement of Dubai’s urban landscape.

The project, which commenced in May 2023, has brought about a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into the iconic landmark.

With meticulous attention to detail, the Municipality has rehabilitated the area, introducing stunning aesthetic views that seamlessly blend solid flooring with exquisite horticultural elements. The centrepiece of this revitalised roundabout is a magnificent water fountain, now featuring a fresh and contemporary design.

According to the Dubai Media Office, the project is a testament to the Municipality’s commitment to preserving the city’s rich history while embracing modernity. The Clock Tower Roundabout has been reimagined in a style that harmonises with Dubai’s urban character, while celebrating its historical significance.


Dawoud Al Hajri, Director General of Dubai Municipality, said: “We completed the development of the Clock Tower Roundabout in Deira, one of the most prominent engineering and architectural landmarks in Dubai on schedule, giving it a new facade with modern designs that are aligned with the nation’s cultural and historical character and the city’s status as a vibrant creative hub. The project reflects Dubai Municipality’s commitment to transforming key landmarks and further enhancing the city’s attractiveness, cultural vitality and aesthetic ambience.”

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Major improvments

The construction of the Clock Tower Roundabout included various improvements, such as the renovation of floors, and the implementation of a new design for the water fountain that facilitates flexibility in controlling water levels and using multicoloured lighting. The structural framework of the roundabout was also repainted, featuring unique elements such as precast concrete pebbled wash and three-dimensional design.

The redevelopment also integrated sustainable agricultural elements by planting ‘Ground Cover Sisifium’ in the inland basins. Additionally, the surroundings were beautified with Washingtonia palms positioned adjacent to the clock tower’s pillars, complemented by three tiers of wildflowers that create unique colour patterns, offering visitors a stunning view.

Water fountain

Bader Anwahi, CEO of the Public Facilities Agency, said: ‘In a harmonious blend of form and function, Dubai Municipality’s newly designed water fountain is congruent with the clock tower’s architecture. Its four limbs extend symmetrically, opposite to the tower’s columns. The fountain features a multi-tiered arrangement of nozzles on the clock tower’s limbs, each angled uniquely to create a hierarchical structure. Central nozzles rise intersectionally, reaching heights of up to five metres. Each nozzle is equipped with RGB lighting, offering a medley of pre-programmed colours. A smart fountain sensor adjusts the height of the water jets to respond to variations in wind intensity.”

The roundabout’s new lighting system includes mapping and three-dimensional formats, as well as photographic displays that can be used during national ceremonies and events.