Dubai Customs announce biggest hauls
Dubai Customs announced a massive haul of drugs and contraband substances on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: On the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking, which is observed on June 26 every year, Dubai Customs announced seizures during the past months of the year.

These included seizure of 6.758kg of cocaine concealed in a suitcase and a jacket of a woman flying in from Africa.

Another passenger coming from an Asian country was carrying 5.6kg of marijuana, while a third seizure was of 120 capsules of cocaine weighing 10.10kg confiscated from a passenger from an Asian country. Jebel Ali Port Inspection Centre also seized 53,760 lyrica pills concealed in cartons as part of a shipment.

Dubai Customs announce biggest hauls on International Day Against Drugs
Dubai Customs uses Smart Suitcase Inspection System at Dubai Airports, an official said. Image Credit: WAM

The Director General of Dubai Customs, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, said protection of society from the hazards of drugs and illegitimate trade is one of the main roles that Dubai Customs plays.

“We work at the frontline to ensure security and safety of our society, and towards this end we have equipped our centres with the most advanced inspection technologies. These include the Container Smart Inspection System at Jebel Ali Port and the Smart Suitcase Inspection System at Dubai Airports,” Said Musabih.

The internally developed Dubai Customs’ Smart Risk Engine is one of the leading systems to detect suspected shipments and help seize them, which makes the emirate one of the safest places in the region and world.

“We go above and beyond in fighting drugs and protecting our society from their hazards in fulfilment of the wise leadership’s directives and Dubai Customs' vision,” Musabih explained.

Ibrahim Kamali, Director of Passenger Operations Department at Dubai Customs, said: “Dubai Customs continuously develops the skills and experiences of its inspectors through numerous workshops and training programmes. This, coupled with the advanced inspection technologies in place including the Smart Risks Engine, the Mobile Lab, Al Kashif Vehicle and the K9 Unit, has helped in thwarting different drug smuggling attempts and securing the borders.”

Shuaib Al Suwaidi, the Director of Customs Intelligence Department, said the honest and collective efforts of Dubai Customs management and staff have helped protect society from the dangers of drugs and illegitimate trade in general.

“Our coherent and fully controlled entry points have turned Dubai into a secured place in which people can live happily and safely. Our Intelligence team tracks and detects any hazardous shipment on a daily basis.”

Dubai Customs organises workshops and training programmes for its inspectors on a regular basis to help them gain more skills in terms of understanding body language, inspection of luggage and ways to foil counterfeiting and forgery attempts.

The K9 drug sniffing dogs unit at Dubai Customs has helped thwart many smuggling attempts. The K9 Unit, the first unit at the level of Customs Departments in the country, was established in 2007.