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Dubai: Dubai Police have rescued a teenager who became a drug addict after her friends offered her a ‘delicious juice’ mixed with illegal substances.

The 16-year-old girl, identified as ‘Dana’, was lured into addition by her friends who offered her the juice, until she became an addict. Her family discovered the matter after noticing major changes in her lifestyle and sought help from the Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police.

Khawla Jaber Al Obaidaly

According to First Lieutenant Khawla Jaber Al Obaidaly, Director of Addiction Counselling Department, the girl was an ambitious teenager but her parents’ negligence made her close to her friends. “She was spending more time with her friends and this led to a big change in her life. She became reckless, angry and irritable. Even her looks became daring,” said Al Obaidaly. “Her friends convinced her to try a ‘delicious juice’ that was laced with drugs, which led her to addiction.”

Driving under the influence

Her parents thought her changes were normal because of her age. But the situation changed when she caused a traffic accident and endangered the lives of other road users. “She drove her mother’s car without her knowledge and caused an accident with other cars. She showed no regret at the incident. At this, her parents started to suspect that something was wrong with her,” added Al Obaidaly.

Dana’s mother noticed that her daughter was spending a long time at the house’s store. One day the family discovered that she used the place to consume drugs. “She was heading to the store carrying a cup of juice when her mother asked to try it. The girl was confused and terrified. She went to the bathroom and dropped the juice. She admitted to her addiction when her parents questioned her about her behaviour.”

She also admitted of causing the accident while she was under the influence of drugs.

Dubai Police provided full mental support to the family and encouraged the girl to change her way of life. She has been transferred to a rehabilitation centre and a team from the Hemaya Centre is following her condition.

Dubai Police urged parents to monitor their children, not to neglect them for long periods as this will lead them to spend more time with their friends, possibly leading to dangerous circumstances.