UAE electronic tracking system
The smartwatch, which was launched in the UAE in 2020, helps to identify and track the geographical location of the patient and ensures that they do not leave home. Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: Authorities in the UAE have issued a fresh warning to COVID-19 patients and reiterated that a Dh10,000 fine will be slapped against those who violate quarantine rules.

The UAE Public Prosecution announced that visitors and residents who are required to wear the smartwatch and use the electronic tracking system are obligated to self-isolate must strictly follow the rules and regulations.


The Dh10,000 fine applies to those who violate or refrain from installing, registering the smart app, or lose/destroy/disrupt the network of the electronic device.

A Dh1,000 fine will also be levied against offenders who lose or destroy the electronic accessories handed over to them.

Smartwatch to monitor self-isolating patients

Abu Dhabi Government implemented the use of electronic wristbands as part of its effort to enforce isolation and reduce the spread of COVID-19. The device serves as a tracing and monitoring tool and is linked to the COVID-19 testing and tracing app Al Hosn, and is used to ensure that self-isolating people stay at home.

The smartwatch, which was launched in the UAE in 2020, helps to identify and track the geographical location of the patient and ensure that they do not leave home and jeopardise the public’s health. These smart tools are provided to patients free of cost.

The Home Isolation Programme was initiated by the Department of Health (DoH) and Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre since April last year, and is offered to COVID-19 patients between the ages of 18 and 59 who are asymptomatic, display mild symptoms and do not suffer from any health risk.

Having a smart phone and a single room with good ventilation and a separate bathroom at home are the other conditions to be eligible for home quarantine.

"The patient should be a responsible educated person who is committed to follow instructions on home isolation and treatment whenever necessary," the DoH said.

Basic services

The health department pointed out that all home-quarantined patients under the programme have an access to teleconsultation services by doctors.

A catering company is delivering three meals a day to the patients, and will also be provided with laundry services four times during the two weeks – the expected duration of the quarantine.

Those who violate the rules on home isolation are imposed a fine as per the updated list of penalties and violations issued in accordance with the Attorney General Resolution No.38 of 2020 and its amendments.