Yousuf Al Otaiba UAE Ambassador to the US Image Credit: File picture

Abu Dhabi:  Yousef Al Otaiba, UAE Ambassador to the US, has commented on the recent announcement of the start of commercial operations of Unit 1 of Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, calling it an "exceptional milestone" for the UAE's mission to develop clean and green nuclear energy.

In a statement on Monday, Al Otaiba said, "The start of commercial operations at Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant is a significant achievement, as the UAE becomes the first country in the Middle East to operate zero carbon nuclear power. Climate change is an international challenge and the UAE is committed to vigorously tackling this crisis by diversifying its energy mix and reducing carbon emissions 23.5 perc ent by 2030. Developing a clean and green nuclear energy sector is a key component of that effort."

"Over twelve years ago, this historic process began when the US and UAE signed a history-making bilateral civil nuclear cooperation agreement. The UAE voluntarily made the strongest possible nonproliferation commitments, forgoing domestic enrichment and reprocessing of nuclear material. The landmark US-UAE 123 Agreement remains a model for the development of a peaceful and safe civilian nuclear energy programme in the Middle East," he added.