Al Ain Garden City
The lush green oasis that is Al Ain. Al Hayer Oasis project in Al Ain aims to implement a nursery for local plants, in order to introduce visitors to traditional agricultural practises and provide several places for community interaction. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Al Ain: Al Ain City Municipality has completed the ‘Al Hayer Oasis’ project in the northern sector of Al Ain city on a total area of about 25,500 square metres, at a cost of Dh1.7 million.

The project includes recreational facilities such as walkways with a total area of 2,337 square metres, on the edges of which are Aflaj interspersed with various types of palm and local forage crops, in addition to many activities that suit all ages.

The project promotes bonding between parents and grandparents and caring for the palm tree, in addition to implementing a nursery for local plants to introduce visitors to traditional agricultural practices, types of local plants and various palm varieties, while providing several places for community interaction as a vital requirement for the community in the oasis, and transferring some heritage practices to the city of the oases.

Mohammad Thani Al Muhairi, Director of Parks and Recreation Department at Al Hayer Municipality Centre, said that the Al Hayer Oasis project is part of the strategy of the Al Ain City Municipality to make optimal use of existing assets and create an investment atmosphere, as well as provide an atmosphere for family and entertainment gatherings, exhibition areas and national seasonal shows in one place.

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He added that the municipality has transformed the old nursery in the Al Hayer area into an entertainment park. Several recreational facilities have been added to various sites in the oasis and provided with umbrellas and heritage sessions for families using natural resources in which palm fronds and ropes are used, he further added.

Food kiosks have also been prepared both inside and outside the oasis, serving both visitors and road users. The central plaza has been prepared for hosting exhibitions and seasonal events and creating an outlet for people in the vicinity to observe national events.