Abu Dhabi Police camel patrol
Camels will now be used as part of its special patrols in Abu Dhabi to reach difficult-to-access areas. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Police are going back to basics.

Akin to the traditional Bedouin way of travel, Abu Dhabi Police on Monday have integrated camels in the department of its special patrols unit in the criminal security section.

Maj Gen Mohammed Khalfan Al Romaithi, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, confirmed the initiative was launched in tandem with celebrating Emirati heritage.

Abu Dhabi police patrol
Camels play an important role in Emirati culture and heritage. Image Credit: Supplied

“Police have been trained in accordance with the standard of best practices to carry out their civic duty to prevent crime and communicate with the public,” said Maj Gen Al Romaithi.

“We continue to strive in making Abu Dhabi safe and continue to employ all possible means to raise the level of security in the emirate,” he said.

The one-humped camels in the Arabian desert are called dromedary camels, and are referred to as the ‘ships of the desert’. Camels played an important role in Emirati heritage as they helped Bedouins transport goods, were often the main source of meat, milk and even wool.

Camels also served as a status symbol as the amount of wealth was reflected in the number of camels a person owned. They were also used as a form of currency, and could also be very profitable if they won camel races or beauty contests.