Vishal Mahtani is the founder of Artists Alive Image Credit: Supplied

When people get to know I am a talent manager, they talk about a talent they feel is hidden within them. A lot of people even think they don’t possess any talent because they are of the impression that talent has to do with a significant skill like singing or dancing.

But that’s far from the truth. Everyone is talented. Talent cannot be quantified and it is not something that is performed to win accolades. The smallest of things like decorating your house well or cooking delicious food constitutes talent.

Once people understand they have some talent that is inherent, the question that arises is how they can capitalise on it. This is the challenging part as most are driven by money and fame. To achieve something, you need to step out of your comfort zone and into a very competitive world. However, if your talent is not channelised and groomed appropriately at this juncture, you tend to stumble and even fall sometimes.

Unfortunately, failure is not something many can deal with. They are quick to feel disappointed and doubt their worth. This self-doubt acts as a slow poison that kills creativity.

The key is to have the self-confidence and determination to keep trying until you succeed. Many are thrown off the track because they could not find the right channel despite investing effort.

Now if you genuinely believe in the talent you have, it is advisable to tap it young. From participating in school competitions, you should move to bigger competitions with confidence. If things don’t go your way, you should not give up too soon.

Remember, people who think they are winners are able to move ahead much faster and more efficiently as compared to those who think of themselves as losers or novices. But while confidence is vital, over-confidence is a recipe for disaster. Taking professional help to harness one’s talent is also common as they help identify the right channels and platforms to showcase their talent.

Those who wish to give it a try on their own will need to act smart and work hard to network and get appointments leading to a big break.

— The writer is founder of Artists Alive