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Dubai Courts has announced "Tanfeeth+" as part of its strategic plan to further streamline enforcement of civil judgements and boost service quality, in a first-of-its-kind system in the UAE.

Dubai: Dubai Courts has announced the launch of “Tanfeeth+” programme, which remarkably speeds up the processing of judicial execution requests in civil judgements to just seconds, instead of days, or even months.

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This in line with the Dubai Courts’ strategic plan to further streamline enforcement of civil judgements and boost service quality, in a first-of-its-kind system in the UAE.

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Prof. Dr. Saif Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Director General of Dubai Courts, during the announcement of Tanfeeth+.

Tanfeeth+ sets a groundbreaking standard for digital integration and efficiency in providing judgment enforcement services by establishing a seamless, transparent, and integrated ecosystem that benefits all parties involved, judicial officials said.

Judicial services

The strategic plan forms part of its commitment to developing and improving judicial services, as approved by His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the UAE, and Chairman of the Dubai Judicial Council.

Prof. Dr. Saif Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Director General of Dubai Courts, said: “This programme is part of a comprehensive digital initiative to enhance the efficiency of the judicial enforcement ecosystem, aligning with the vision and directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, for Dubai to become the world’s fastest, the best and the fairest in judicial services.”

Al Suwaidi underscored Dubai Court’s thorough examination of the challenges facing judicial enforcement services and processes, leading to the adoption of Tanfeeth+.

Judge Khalid Al Mansouri, Head of the Execution Court at Dubai Courts, emphasized that Tanfeeth+ reflects Dubai Courts’ vision to be pioneering and internationally distinguished, fostering efficient legislation implementation and offering advanced judicial services.

Streamline operations

The strategic plan aims to achieve swift justice, enhance confidence in the judicial system, promote social and economic stability, and improve enforcement efficiency.

It establishes a digitally integrated environment to streamline operations, improve service quality, and save time and effort.

Initiatives under Tanfeeth+ include:

Digital Writ of Execution Seal:

Facilitates the enforcement of court rulings, enabling the petitioner to initiate procedures without the need to visit service centres.

Disclosure Platform:

Allows the enforcement judge to directly inquire about the respondent’s assets and seize them for sale, if necessary.

Integration with MOI:

Ensures the enforcement of liberty-restricting orders, travel bans, and asset seizures by integrating with the MOI’s programme.

Digital Requests:

Optimises execution procedures and automates administrative decisions.

Sale Notification System:

Notifies officials about confiscated items for timely sale.

Automated Cancellation of Enforcement:

Cancels enforcement procedures and lifts seizures once payments are completed.

Automated Disbursement System:

Automatically disburses amounts deposited in the enforcement file to the petitioner’s registered bank account.

Virtual Bank Accounts:

Enables direct deposits of seized assets into virtual accounts for automatic disbursement to each party.

5 key pillars

Tanfeeth+ operates across five key impact pillars:

  • Efficiency and Digitalisation,
  • Speed and Agility,
  • Transparency and Information Sharing,
  • Collaboration with Partners, and
  • Legal Compliance.

This programme exemplifies Dubai Courts’ commitment to improving service levels, supporting government directives, and enhancing the judicial system’s efficiency, transparency, and justice.

The programme is considered the first-of-its-kind at the UAE level.


The first phase has linked Dubai Courts with the database of RTA, banks, Dubai Land Department, Etisalat, and the Dubai Financial Market.

Other phases will be launched. The second phase will focus on linking Dubai Courts with departments at the federal level and other emirates.