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UAE-based e-commerce brand launches Special Onam Sadhya Box with Pookalam in celebration of a day of festivities while also launching the region’s first preservative-free sliced bread and FTH’s Vegan Range

FreshToHome.com (FTH), an e-commerce platform launched in the UAE in 2019, is one of the rising stars in the e-commerce business. Making a name through its prompt and efficient delivery service and the excellent quality groceries and essentials it serves up to its customers, FTH currently delivers to its valued clientele across the seven emirates, with an express delivery option at affordable prices that are hard to beat.

Anushé Ramzi, Head of Marketing, FTH, says, “Our products are fresh and 100 per cent Clean Label, sourced directly from farmers and fishermen, with 0 per cent chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or preservatives.”

Efficient packaging

The produce FTH delivers is extensive, ranging from poultry, meat, fish and seafood, to fruits, veggies and bakery and pantry items, as well as ready-to-cook meals and even seasonal fare such as flowers.

Constantly thinking out of the box, the FTH team has launched its Special Onam Box this year for the benefit of the huge Malayali diaspora in the UAE. And the excellent packaging and logistics systems that the brand promises will ensure valued customers get to enjoy a sumptuous Onam feast delivered on time to their doorsteps.

“Our eco-friendly product packaging and efficient cold chain management system allows us to deliver fresh and never-frozen food at the optimum temperature, safely to our customers,” says says Arun Kumar Krishnan, Chief Technology Officer, FTH.

Money-back guarantee

FTH is one of the rare e-commerce platforms to offer a money-back guarantee on product quality and taste. “We are fresh or we are free, is a line that we coined keeping in mind our calling to our valued cusomers in delivering fresh fare to their doorsteps,” says Ramzi. And that’s not all. Subscribers of the FTH VIP Program can even access exclusive deals and benefits and unlimited free home delivery with zero minimum order value, says Ramzi.

FTH has also invested in numerous certifications such as Halal, FSSAI, TUV and HACCP:

- No ammonia or formalin guarantee for all seafood

- No antibiotics or hormone guarantee for all poultry and meat

- No preservative and clean label guarantee for RTC, bakery and pantry items

All these steps, are of course helping FTH gain popularity, complemented by its strong social media presence.

FTH’s growing online community

For instance, social media handles and bimonthly emailers are used by FTH to raise awareness about regional and global topics and trends related to food and nutrition, and to share tips and recipes from certified nutritionists.

“Customers regularly engage with the brand via FTH Q&A and online recipe contests,” says Ramzi. “We are now introducing a quarterly newsletter as well, in order to keep everyone updated on our various community and CSR initiatives.”

Please note that there was an error in the print edition published August 19, 2021, on the number of FTH customers. It should read 100K customers

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Vegan Food Product Range launch

E-grocery shoppers can now enjoy delicious and preservative-free plant-based products at affordable prices through FTH. The brand’s range of plant-based products can help people make a smooth transition into the meatless and dairy-free world.

For those wishing to add more plant power to their meals or those who are already 100 per cent vegan, FTH is now offering a variety of vegan food products to satiate appetites. The brand’s wealth of plant-based products includes ready-to-cook meals, traditional Mediterranean favourites, the popular vegan meat range from Future Farms, and of course, farm fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some of FreshToHome’s exclusive vegan products include:

Vegetable Dumplings - These bite-sized dumplings are handmade with a light flour dough that wraps around a perfectly flavoured vegetarian filling of cabbage, carrot, fresh herbs and aromatics.

Price: Dh 12 | Quantity: 8 per box

Spinach and Corn Bites - These are hand-formed bites of freshly chopped spinach and sweet corn, mixed with potatoes and a secret blend of spices that when fried, make a really scrumptious and slightly spicy snack, meal or finger-food. They are served hot and can be paired with raita or green chutney.

Price: Dh6.50| Quantity: 6 per box

Vegetable Samosas - These samosas are crammed with veggies and fresh herbs. They are a perfect addition to a snack platter or lunch box.

Price: Dh6 | Quantity: 12 per box

Vegetable Cutlets - These cutlets are made with plenty of vegetables including carrots, green peas, potato, onion, chili, etc. and health-packed spices such as turmeric, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, and various others.

Price: Dh6 | Quantity: 4 per box

Wholewheat Chapati

The humble chapati goes by many names such as roti, safati, shabaati, phulka and roshi. And nothing beats this warm wholewheat chapati, which is not only simple and easy to make, but also tastes just like homemade chapati.

Price: Dh3 | Quantity: 5 per pack

Those who don’t want to miss out on traditional meat based recipes, can substitute them with FTH’s vegan meat range and enjoy their favourite dishes with meatless meat, which has a similar flavour and texture as meat.

All Future Farm vegan meats contain only the finest wholesome ingredients and are free from gluten, fillers and synthetic additives.

Future Meatball - These soft and tasty meatballs, made of 100% plant-based ingredients, have the same taste and texture as meat.

Price: Dh25 | Quantity: 11 per box

Future Mince - This vegan-friendly mince is the ideal plant-based alternative for Meatless Mondays, Tuesday Tacos and as a quick plant-based meal. It contains top quality vegetable protein and is free from synthetic colourants, preservatives and nasties like trans fats and sugars.

Price: Dh 25| Quantity: 270g

Future Burger - This vegan friendly burger is the ideal plant-based alternative for a traditional burger. It also contains high quality vegetable protein and is free from synthetic colourants, preservatives and trans fats.

Price: Dh39 (Pack of 4) | Price: Dh23.99 (Pack of 2)

Future Sausage - This fresh, plant-based sausage sizzles and has all the juiciness of a traditional meat sausage.

Price: Dh 25 | Quantity: 5 per box

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Delivered fresh to your doorstep, FTH’s vegan range also includes fresh Muhammara, Taratour, Falafel Batter, Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Spicy Hummus, Idly and Dosa Batter, Potato Samosas, Gourmet Hara Bhara Kabab (made of spinach, potatoes and green peas) and Vegetable Spring Roll.

Onam at FreshtoHome


Celebrate Onam - the season of fun, feast and festivities  with our freshly packed Sadhya Box!

SAMBAR KIT (Green Chilli-2pcs,Drum stick-2Pcs,Potato-1pcs,Tomato-1pcs,Carrot-1pcs,Pumpkin Ash-50g,Pumpkin Red-50g,Yam-50g,Onion-1pcs,Shallots-10pcs,Tindly-4pcs,Beans Clust-4pcs,Green Beans-4pcs,Eggpland Baby-1pcs,Okra-6pcs)

AVIAL KIT (Yam-150g,Banana Raw-1pcs,Drum stick-2pcs,Raw Mango-2pcs,Snakegourd-100g,Beans-250g,Carrot-2pcs.Tindly-4pcs,Green Chilli-5pcs,Cucumber malabar-150g,Coconut-1pcs,Curry Leaves-2 Spoon)

KALAN KIT( Banana Raw 1pc,Yam 500g) | THORAN KIT (Beans 500g) | PAYASAM KIT - Palada 200g

l Banana poovan 5-6 pcs l Pappadam 1 Packet

l Banana Chips 150g l Sharakkara Upperi 150g

l Kondattam Curd Chilly 150g l Banana Leaf 5unit


Add colour to your Onam celebrations with a combination of 6-8 varieties of fresh and vibrant flowers (800 gm):

l Marigold Flowers (Yellow & Orange)

l Chrysanthemum Flowers (White & Yellow)

l Small Red Rose Flowers

l Globe Amaranth Flowers / Vada Malli

l Oleander Flowers / Pink Arli

l Chamaecyparis Leaves

FreshtoHome: Road to Progress

● October 2019 - Officially launched in the UAE

● April 2020 - New factory opened for fruits and vegetables

● October 2020 - Ready-to-Cook Kitchen launched

● December 2020 - Fleet capacity added for PAN UAE operations

● February 2021 - Added Seasonal product category

● March 2021 - Added 5 new hubs for PAN UAE Express Delivery

● April 2021 - Laid the foundation for new Head Office in Abu Dhabi (Kizad) and 2nd UAE factory

● May 2021 - Added Bakery and Pantry categories

● July 2021 - Added grocery products offering; Added Alliance Marketing Partners

To place an order, download the FreshToHome App (Android & IOS) or visit: www.freshtohome.com