Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Owais
Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Owais, UAE Minister of Health and Prevention, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs and NEC Chairman Image Credit: WAM

Abu Dhabi: The National Election Committee (NEC) on Wednesday announced the launch of candidate registration for the upcoming Federal National Council (FNC) elections.

NEC invited all eligible candidates wishing to submit their applications to do so at the candidate registration centre of their respective emirate, from August 18 to 22, during the official working hours that extend from 8am to 3pm, Sunday to Thursday.

The committee reiterated the eligibility criteria for those seeking to contest the FNC elections. A potential candidate should comply with the constitutional requirements of being a citizen of the UAE, and permanent resident of the emirate he or she is seeking to represent. Candidates should not be less than 25 years of age (born on or before October 4, 1994).

A knowledgeable and literary person of sound reputation capable of discharging his or her civic responsibilities, the candidate should not have been convicted of any offences linked with their behaviour, unless they have undergone rehabilitation for such behaviour in accordance with the law.

Abdul Rahman Bin Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Prevention, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs and Chairman of the National Election Committee, said the UAE parliamentary elections continue to pursue excellence and maintain a high standard, building on past successes and achievements.

“The launch of candidate registration centres to facilitate the process for all candidates is a new milestone for FNC elections and reflects the keenness of NEC to boost engagement in this patriotic event,” he said.

Al Owais called on the committee members to actively participate in the current stage of the elections. Highlighting the importance of complying with the candidacy conditions and procedures, he said: “Candidates that apply for FNC membership have a responsibility to ensure their campaigns address the needs and demands of voters.”

Candidate Applications

NEC noted that the candidacy procedures have been determined in line with the executive instructions to enable candidates to register from August 18 to August 22. Candidates may submit their applications in person or via an agent vested with a power of attorney to act on his or her behalf. The Committee will then forward the application to the Emirates Committee in the emirate to which the applicant belongs.

NEC also outlined the list of documents required to complete the registration process in the appropriate manner. The applicant must, either personally or through his/her agent, present their identity card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, Family Book, and certificate of good conduct addressed to NEC, in addition to the registration fees.

Candidates wishing to contest the elections while holding public office, whether federal or local, must submit a certificate stating that they have been granted leave from the date of the announcement of the candidates’ final list on September 3 until election day on October 5. Likewise, applicants employed with the UAE Armed Forces or allied military services, must submit a certificate stating that their designated department has agreed to grant them leave from the date of candidates’ final list announcement on September 3 to election day on October 5.

If a member of the Judiciary wishes to contest the elections, he/she must submit a certificate confirming their resignation from the Judiciary along with the application. If candidates are members of the current FNC, they will be considered suspended from the date of the announcement of the final list of candidates on September 3.