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The cows arrived on Monday and were transferred to the farm Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: The first batch of Danish cows for the upcoming Mleiha Dairy Farm landed at Sharjah International Airport on Monday and were safely transferred to the farm, it was announced on Tuesday.

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Mleiha will be the first dairy farm in the country that produces completely organic milk, officials said. The dairy will start producing milk from June.

The director of the Sharjah Agricultural and Livestock Production Establishment (Iktifa), affiliated with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, said in the first phase, 1,000 Ashar cows carrying A2A2 genes were selected and were imported from Denmark.

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Dr Al Tunaiji pointed out that no steps will be spared to maintain the health and wellbeing of these cows, which provide the finest type of natural milk containing the A2A2 protein, known for its many qualities and nutritional values essential for human health. “The special organic milk from the Mleiha Dairy Farm will reach consumers in its purest and natural form without any interference or reduction in its nutritional value.”

Dr Al Tunaiji explained that the cows meant for the Mleiha farm have been chosen according to the highest international standards. A team of experts and specialists, including veterinarians and technicians, had been sent to inspect the cows in their original habitat and ensure that they conform to the required specifications and are free of genetic modification.

The cows are fed in open natural pastures and given organic feed free of chemicals.

The Mleiha Dairy Farm will recycle cow waste to preserve the environment, and produce the finest types of organic fertilisers that will be used in the Sharjah wheat farm, which will provide the cows with organic fodder. This is with the aim of achieving integration between agricultural and livestock production and promoting the principle of the circular economy, added Dr Al Tunaiji.