SoHo Bar: The event is for singles, couples bored with the hype surrounding the day Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: One Dubai restaurant is striking a different note this V-Day.

At the SoHo Bar & Grill there will be no candlelight, no roses and none of the mushy frills. Instead, expect broken cheesecakes, deephouse music and funky décor. The New York style eatery that prides itself on the ‘warehouse’ look will be offering its edgy and industrial environs to anyone who wants an escape.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone. For every happy couple, it seems there are many couples and singles who do not believe or support this day and we wanted to provide them with a home on the day,” said Alena Siameshka, Group PR and Marketing Manager of CHI Hopsitality which owns the eatery.

A custom-made menu (Dh95 per head) will add to the anti-Valentine’s day spirit with large ribs and house brew deals available for men. Women will be offered a salad with the trademark New York baked cheesecake, albeit broken.

“For the majority of people that are happily single, Valentine’s Day has lost its meaning over time,” she said, adding it is more of a western experience.