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Dubai: The International Federation for Falconry Sports and Racing (IFFSR) has unveiled an impressive roster of participants for the inaugural edition of the International Federation for Falconry Sports and Racing Cup.

In this exciting event, international teams will showcase their talents as they compete head-to-head on a challenging 400-meter course.

Slated for 14 December, the event will feature the participation of both founding and sports members of the International Federation.

16 teams from 15 countries

In all, 16 teams from 15 countries have confirmed participation for the competition, the organisers said.

The announcement about the participating teams for the competition is aligned with the directives of Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Second Deputy Ruler of Dubai and President of the International Federation for Falconry Sports and Racing, who approved plans for staging the tournament earlier this year to further raise the profile of falconry globally and set the stage for it to spread wings and build a massive following cutting across international borders and age groups.

Celebration of Emirati culture

Rashid bin Markhan, IFFSR Secretary-General, said: “The inaugural edition of the International Federation for Falconry Sports and Racing Cup is a celebration of Emirati culture and heritage while the sporting rivalry promises to showcase shared elements of this tradition across the globe.”

International teams vying for the coveted trophy have been drawn from 15 countries, with 16 entries confirmed.

International teams battling it out for the grand prize include:

  • The Heritage Sport Committee Team from the Kingdom of Bahrain,
  • Sheikh Sabah A-Ahmad Village Team from Kuwait,
  • Al-Gannas Qatari Society Team from Qatar,
  • Morocco Falconry Association Team from Morocco,
  • Algeria National Association of Falconry Team from Algeria,
  • Al Qannas Association Team from Egypt,
  • The Argentine Falconry Association Team from Argentina,
  • National Union of Hunters and Falconers from Italy,
  • Southern Falconry Association from Spain,
  • The Uzbekistan Falconry Association,
  • The Tugan Falconry Club teams from Uzbekistan,
  • Kilomero Association team from Tanzania,
  • Salbuurun team from Kyrgyzstan,
  • Greek Falconry Association Team from Greece,
  • Capital Falconry Academy of Beijing Team from China, and
  • The UAE Falcons Federation team.
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Bin Markhan confirmed the receipt of entries from the international teams following the submission of documents required for registration of teams.

“Entries had been accepted for 30 days following the official announcement by Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed. Falcons due to participate in the tournament will be checked and approved by experts. A day before the tournament opens, the competing birds will be put through a process wherein electronic shuffling will determine who they ultimately team up with,” Bin Mirkhan added.