Some people leave behind tea and coffee stains along the Al Khan Lagoon sidewalk Image Credit: Faisal Masudi/Gulf News

Dubai: The posh scenic walkway along Sharjah’s Al Khan Lagoon is stained with tea and coffee spills near the hugely popular teapot-shaped Al Breej stall.

Sloppy customers who fail to clean up after themselves have left behind stains, paper cups and cigarette butts.

The neck of the lagoon is teeming with people, mostly young friends, who frequent the area every night. Al Breej draws scores of customers, serving 9,000-10,000 cups daily.

But many visitors leave behind unfinished cups on the pavement’s barrier, which end up toppling and spilling their contents. The barrier is used as seating but a clean spot is increasingly hard to find.

The white barrier has been marred by huge brown sticky stains that get on the clothing of those who inadvertently sit where lighting is poor.

Tiny craters on the barrier are also used as makeshift ashtrays by discourteous visitors. And though there are dustbins close by, many people prefer to leave their cups on the barrier. Cleaners in the area are kept busy constantly binning the cups and litter but the stains remain.

“It’s so off-putting and disgraceful. Some people have ruined an otherwise beautiful getaway,” said Zubair Tirmazi, a regular customer from Pakistan.

Indian patron Owais added: “People should clean up after themselves. That is basic public courtesy. Don’t spoil it for others.”

Though it is not their job, some stall servers pick up the cups out of concern for cleanliness.