Eric Widstrom, CEO, Terraco Image Credit: Supplied

For over 40 years Terraco has epitomised innovation and manufacturing excellence. With an unwavering dedication to quality and an unrelenting commitment to sustainability, Terraco has cemented itself as a pioneer in manufacturing practices across its global production centres, drawing inspiration from its Swedish heritage and its three core company values: innovation, excellence and life.

Global presence

Terraco’s global network of 20 production centres, strategically placed across continents, is a testament to its commitment to local expertise and global impact. Each facility embodies the company’s dedication to maintaining stringent quality control while adapting to diverse market needs and ensuring minimal environmental impact. From Europe to Africa and East Asia, Terraco’s manufacturing hubs harmonize advanced techniques with regional nuances.

Sustainability and responsibility – the Swedish way

Terraco’s commitment to sustainability is deeply rooted in the company values and brand purpose. Terraco’s sustainability journey revolves around three pillars: achieving net-zero emissions from products, minimising operational impact and empowering communities. Terraco’s vision is to be a sustainability vanguard for the construction industry worldwide by strategically focusing on building a green innovations pipeline.

Terraco’s manufacturing process is inseparable from its commitment to sustainability — a value ingrained in Swedish culture. Each production centre adheres to stringent environmental standards, leveraging eco-friendly ISO compliant practices and technologies to minimise ecological impact. The company’s dedication to ethical labour practices and community engagement echoes the holistic Swedish approach to responsible manufacturing.

Innovative boundaries

The company has consistently embraced cutting-edge technology and avant-garde methodologies, propelling it to the forefront of manufacturing excellence. Terraco’s pioneering spirit extends beyond conventional manufacturing. Constant investment in research and development spearheads breakthroughs in material science and production methodologies. This commitment to product and process innovation has consistently redefined industry norms, setting benchmarks for performance, durability, and environmental consciousness — echoing the legacy of Swedish innovation and business practices.

A future shaped by Swedish principles

Terraco works closely customers and regulators to build a sustainability roadmap for the future. With cutting-edge technology, and a global footprint rooted in Swedish principles, Terraco remains ready to responsibly and sustainably service the global construction industry.