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As much as we’d like our outdoor space to be natural and green, the amount of maintenance and time it requires for the upkeep of such a space often makes us think twice. Many families are turning to artificial grass as a solution to having a green area that can be easily maintained and one that makes the outdoors look attractive. The benefits of this are many. It saves countless hours and money that is required to maintain a natural lawn or a garden, it adds value to our lifestyle and also reduces water consumption and use of chemicals.

Danube Home’s Evergreen Artificial Grass Carpet looks exactly like natural grass and is super easy to maintain. It is hassle free as you need not worry about watering, mowing, fertilising and pulling out weeds! The carpet sits pretty on your lawn, backyard, balcony, patio, poolside or even your rooftop as seasons come and go. It is a beautiful, earth-friendly solution for your landscaping needs.

Here are a few reasons why you should opt for an artificial turf:

1. Fuss-free maintenance

While natural grass is susceptible to all sorts of issues owing to weather change and other reasons, artificial grass is designed to look, feel and function like the real thing without the hassle of seeding, sodding, watering, aerating, fertilising and mowing. Your weekends can now be used to unwind and relax in your evergreen outdoor space as opposed to tending to the garden.

2. Cost effective

While maintenance cost for natural grass is roughly Dh9,600 annually, with a gardener and other expenses, such as water, fertiliser, and pesticides, the Evergreen Artificial Grass Carpet lasts for five years without any maintenance. All you’d be paying is the one time cost of purchase which starts at just Dh19 per square meter. You would be saving approximately Dh45,150 in five years assuming you’ve used 150 sq m of the artificial grass.

3. Versatility

Artificial grass is flexible, lightweight and easy to work with making it suitable for a variety of surfaces as well as for different areas of your home. Install it in specific areas in your lawn, backyard, patio or terrace and design a space that looks breathtaking by mixing textures and colours. The landscaping possibilities are endless with this one as it looks and stays the same once installed.

4. No more chemicals

The Evergreen Artificial Grass Carpet is non-toxic, allergen free and pet-proof too. Natural grass may cause pollen allergy in some people while artificial grass is hypoallergenic. Natural grass needs regular use of fertilisers and pesticides which is harmful for the environment as well as for you. Artificial grass stays luscious and green without the use of any harmful chemicals. Your pets will love it too as it will provide them a nice soft space to snooze in.

5. Poolside picnics

Lush soft grass around your pool makes for a great sunbathing or picnic spot. Natural grass by the pool can be a messy affair. Nobody wants to step into the grass with wet feet after a swim and drag it into their home! This is where Evergreen Artificial Grass Carpet comes in. It is completely flexible around the pool, soft on your bare feet, doesn’t get muddy and perfect to lay a towel on and sunbathe in.

Artificial grass is great to create a kids’ play area that’s safer while being closer to nature Image Credit: Supplied

6. Safe play area for kids

Most injuries on playgrounds occur as a result of a fall on surfaces that are abrasive, retain heat, cause friction or have splinters like mulch or rubber. Kids can jump around and play to their hearts content with the artificial grass providing a slight cushioning if they were to fall. Artificial grass is great to create a play area for kids that’s safer while being closer to nature.

To sum up, this artificial grass carpet beats natural grass hands down when it comes to saving precious water and eliminating pollution caused by poisonous garden-care chemicals. With the synthetic turf, there is no bad weather. The grass doesn’t grow so there’s no reason to worry about how much sunlight it gets. In case it rains, the grass is designed and installed to drain quickly and easily, so there’s no slipping, no puddles and no muddy mess. And what’s more? Our artificial grass is made for everyday use and no matter what you, your family or friends are up to, your turf will just keep on looking gorgeous!

Danube Home has garden design solutions that beautifully transforms outdoor spaces into relaxing unwind zones. The Evergreen Artificial Grass Carpet from Danube Home is perfect for any kind of surface. You do not have to worry about installation as Danube Home provides free installation. Whether your outdoor space is tiled, cemented or even a sand pit, the professional team at Danube Home can convert the area with their landscaping expertise.

Walk into your nearest Danube Home store to book a garden design consultation.

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