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Dubai: A family member of the Emirati woman, who has been in a coma for 17 days after her nose surgery went horribly wrong, has alleged that it was the result of gross neglect and malpractice on the part of the doctors.

The patient, 24, is a first year master’s student studying hospital management.

The family member told Gulf News that the medical team at the First Med Day Surgery Centre in Dubai failed to detect a rapid drop in the woman’s blood pressure. She claimed that the woman went into the operation room just fine, but came out losing most of her functions due to brain damage.

“This is a medical crime,” she said, accusing the clinic staff of negligence.

She said the woman was taken into the surgery room at 10am on April 23 for what the doctors claimed would be a two-hour procedure.

“But the young woman remained inside from 10am to 3pm, and her parents were not informed about her condition. The doctors and the nursing staff were confused. The woman suffered convulsions and medicine was not given to treat spasticity. She suffered from a drop in blood pressure. Doctors from other clinics were contacted after her condition deteriorated. When she went into a coma, she was transferred to Prime Hospital, but they could not help her. She was subsequently transferred to Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi where she remains in a coma.”

“Once the report was sent to the Cleveland Clinic, they accepted the case. The brain images showed that it was damaged,” the family member said.

‘Not equipped’

She noted that the surgeon, anaesthesiologist and nurse at the cosmetic surgery centre earlier did not notice a cardiac arrest during the operation, and there was no timely intervention. “Blood did not reach her brain. The medications given after the condition deteriorated were incorrect, The operating room was not equipped to alert staff during an emergency,” she added.

She alleged that the anaesthesiologist did not have enough knowledge to deal with the complications and he did not follow the vital signs.

“The woman suffered a sharp drop in blood circulation and pressure. Oxygen supply to the brain was affected, her heart stopped for seven minutes and she slipped into a deep coma — which she is yet to wake up from,” the relative said.

The family claimed they became concerned when they did not get any information on the operation even after five hours. It was only later that they discovered their daughter had been rushed to Prime Hospital.

The family has filed a complaint against the medical staff with the police as well as DHA.