From left: Ghanim Al Halyan, Ali Lari and Shamma Fahed Al Thehli Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: This week is a truly memorable one for the Emirati community as two major events take place merely just days apart: Eid Al Fitr and the wedding reception of the Al Maktoum family.

The men’s wedding reception will be held on Thursday at the Dubai World Trade Centre for the three sons of His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai — Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad, 36, Shaikh Maktoum Bin Mohammad, 35, and Shaikh Ahmad Bin Mohammad, 32.

Here’s how the Emirati community reacted to the news.

As a leader, Shaikh Hamdan is very talented, intelligent, and clever with reason. Aside from his status, he is an extremely kind person, so very passionate and so welcoming, his ways of doing things are always noted, he gets people’s attentions in relatable ways which gets them moving. He never stops encouraging us to just live our lives the way we want to and he does a very fine job showing us how he does it. The Crown Prince’s social media accounts are managed by him, his posts, his words, and we feel really happy with following up with what he does because we can relate to it and also feel encouraged to go and do what we want without fear! We support him all the way.

- Ghanim Al Halyan

The weddings are a cause for celebration among all residents, expats and citizens alike. I believe that no matter the nationality, everyone in Dubai is excited. With social media, we were able to receive videos of the decorative lights, the invitations, and everything related to the weddings. I feel like I have been part of this event every step of the way.

- Shamma Al Suwaidi

I was thrilled when I heard the news and I am very excited. It is truly wonderful to see the happiness in Shaikh Mohammad’s eyes and as a parent, I can relate to it. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get when your children are married. Everybody is curious about the weddings because it’s been a while since something this big happened in Dubai.

- Jawaher Al Qayed

I am convinced the celebrations will be unique and in true Dubai fashion, this will be an event to remember. The weddings have brought happiness to all the emirates and just as Dubai has managed to surprise the world on different occasions, I am sure that there will be another wonderful surprise waiting for us all. We love Shaikh Mohammad’s family as if it were our own, and his sons’ weddings feel as if it were that of our own brothers’.

- Moza Al Tamimi

The news was enthusiastically received by all of us… There has been a fair amount of attention given to this event because Masha’Allah, there were three weddings involved and not just one. This is our kind of royal wedding and people cannot get enough of it.

- Saleha Mustah Eisa

Shaikh Hamdan is a very inspirational leader who I look up to. He is always very encouraging and spreading positive messages through his social media account, which is very nice to see because he truly reflects the noble Arab and Islamic character. Even though he is a leader, you always see him treating everyone with respect whether it’s on social media or in person and that’s a very admirable trait which sets an example for everybody.

- Ali Lari

The best quality I find with Shaikh Hamdan is that he’s a very adventurous person who likes doing many new and different things. I find that amazing as well as personally motivating, it gives me encouragement in my own life. I’m all for Shaikh Hamdan and I’m very happy to hear about his marriage and him settling down, I think he has excellent leadership qualities and will definitely make for a great leader.

- Humaid Al Falasi

Since I was 9-years old I have looked up to Shaikh Hamdan, I was a big fan of his poetry which was so amazing to listen to and watch on the television. As I grew older I continued to follow him on social media which made me a bigger fan as I was able to see how he lived – he is such a healthy person who likes sports, enjoys traveling, and I found all of these things very relatable as well as inspiring me to become a better person as well.

- Shamma Fahed Al Thehli

The apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. He is eloquent, ambitious, and active. He is a role model and a great influence for all young people. I wish him and his loved ones all the happiness in the world. We are all behind him.

- Fatima Al Ameemi