Teressa Starr and Farid Samji at the press conference on Sunday. Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Emirates Loto, the region’s first approved digital draw, is back under the new name ‘Mahzooz’, which means ‘fortunate’ or ‘lucky’ in Arabic, its managing operator EWINGS announced on Sunday.

The weekly draw that promised a prize of up to Dh50 million was temporarily discontinued operations for four months since mid-July, citing systems upgrade as the reason. “The new and exciting Mahzooz is a digitally-advanced and secure platform that gives individuals the opportunity to make their dreams come true from a new structure of incredible prizes. Participants can enter the draw through the (Mahzooz) website or via Mahzooz app on iOS and Android which will be available soon,” EWINGS said.

“The brand refresh is part of the company’s strategy to ensure that participants from all over the world can benefit from a dynamic and evolved customer journey, a brand new advanced and customer-friendly digital platform, and enhanced features providing all-round more seamless customer experience,” it added.

Inaugural draw

The inaugural Mahzooz draw will take place on Saturday (November 21) at 9pm (UAE time).

Teresa Starr, Co-CEO of EWINGS, said: “Winners who are lucky enough to match six numbers will be able to claim a share of a minimum Dh50 million grand prize. Winners who match five numbers will be able to claim a share of the second tier Dh1 million prize, which might increase depending on how many players there are. Four numbers will earn a cash prize of Dh1,000, and those who match three numbers will receive Dh35.”

Entry price is still set at Dh35, said Farid Samji, Co-CEO of EWINGS. He noted: “We decided to transition into a period of innovation after we took on valued feedback from our customers. Our new platform is more seamless than ever before and we remain inclusive with the entry price still set at an affordable Dh35.”

No one has yet won the grand prize (which started at Dh35 million and rolled over to Dh50 million) but according to EWINGS, around 47,500 players from 50 different nationalities have won a total prize of Dh14,670,500 in the previous draws.

Enhanced charities

Like in the past, Mahzooz will also support various charity projects, including health, fitness, and community programs. Starr said: “With our weekly draw’s transformation to Mahzooz, our ambition to change the lives of winners and the wider general public continues as we support causes in line with UAE initiatives to help communities and the nation as a whole.”

“We We are signing up with strategic partners for CSR (corporate social responsibility) efforts and we will get bigger and better as we help various charity projects. We intend to work even harder to change the lives of those less fortunate,” Starr told Gulf News.

Samji added: “We realised a lot of companies have cut down on their expenses due to the pandemic and unfortunately one of the areas that was badly hit was giving to charity. After taking a sabbatical for four months, we resume in supporting various endeavours — whether giving grocery boxes on a weekly basis to people affected by the pandemic or providing support to those who are undergoing transition after losing their jobs. We will have a dedicated programme that will look after needy families.”