Coloured henna
Picture for illustrative purposes: A woman with henna on her hands. Traditionally Eid is an occasion when local women apply the designs, but due to coronavirus beauticians are closed. Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has called on residents to avoid going to hair and beauty salons over Eid, as is usually tradition among women.

“If you must go to a hair or beauty salon, note that booking an appointment is required and only hair and nail services are currently permitted. Follow all precautionary measures when visiting hair or beauty salons,” the DHA said on social media, in reference to coronavirus restrictions.

The authority also warned residents against beautician call outs for home service.

“Note that getting a beauty technician to your home is not permitted,” said the DHA.

Other options are available however

Abu Dhabi Culture has given instructions on how to make ‘Al Gassah’ henna patterns at home through their social media channels.

The Department of Culture and Tourism released a video sharing the tips on how to make the pattern.

It showed how women can blend water and henna powder and apply the mix in the traditional design either by using palm fronds or a henna cone.

The video was posted on the Twitter handle of Qasr Al Hosn and residents have been urged to share pictures of their henna patterns with @qasralhosn

In Dubai, meanwhile, Dubai Henna, has come up with ‘Do It Yourself’ henna stencils to help women make perfect henna designs.

“Stay Home and do Eid henna by yourself. No Eid Henna services this time, so we introduced DIY Henna stencils to do at home. All designs are hand drawn, beautifully gift packed in our signature box,” the firm said on Instagram.