Mahmoud and Saeed
Mahmoud, an Egyptian expat (left) and Saeed from Bahrain, share Dh1M second-tier prize in the latest ‘Mahzooz’ draw in Dubai this week. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Mahmoud, an Egyptian national, and Saeed from Bahrain, hit it big after winning the Dh1M second-tier prize in the latest ‘Mahzooz’ draw.

They matched five out of six winning numbers (2-33-35-36-40-47) and took home Dh500,000 each.

For Mahmoud, 41, it was the first time that he watched the live draw held on July 3 and it turned out to be his lucky day as he won not just once but thrice.

“I won with three separate entries!” exclaimed the Abu Dhabi resident, who is originally from Alexandria in Egypt. In addition to his big Dh500,000 win, Mahmoud also matched three out of six numbers on two other entries, and won the Dh35 fourth prize twice.

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Three times lucky

Mahmoud said: “I’ve only been participating in Mahzooz for a month, and I usually select multiple lines. When I realised that some of my numbers matched on one line, I was excited but then I looked at the other ones and couldn’t believe it — I won three times, including the second prize.”

“Last Saturday was actually the first time I was able to watch the weekly live draw, and it turned out to be my lucky day. A day to remember for a lifetime. I am very grateful to Mahzooz,” he added. Helping others

Mahmoud who has been living in the 15 years said: “There are people close to me who are going through some tough times and need an urgent help,” said Mahmoud. “My first priority now is to help them out and make sure they are taken care of. Only after that, I will think of myself and how to invest my winnings.”

Paying debts

While Mahmoud has only recently begun participating in Mahzooz, Saeed from Bahrain has participated since the beginning.

“From day one, I’ve been a big supporter of Mahzooz but I’ve only won Dh35 before,” shared the 59-year-old retiree, adding: “I wasn’t able to watch the live draw as I was watching football, so I went into my account after the game to check the winning numbers and I saw Dh500,000 in my Winnings Balance, I was overwhelmed. I have never won anything big in my life until I won big with Mahzooz — it’s a great feeling!”

Saeed, a father of four, noted: “With this money, I’ll be able to pay off some debts but most importantly, it will go a long way in helping secure my children’s future. This win is a blessing to me and my family.”

Who will win Dh50M

The first prize of Dh50 million is still waiting to be won and will once again be up for grabs in the draw on Saturday (July 10) at 9pm (UAE time). Entry price is Dh35. Entrants can participate by registering at Mahzooz website. The draw is live streamed from Mahzooz studio and hosted by Lebanese presenter Wissam Braidy, and Indian presenter, Aishwarya Ajit.