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Five big legends from the world of art have come alive on this car as an Indian artist in Dubai made a live doodle sketch on a Mini Cooper. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Five big legends in the world of art came alive on a car as an Indian artist in Dubai made a live doodle sketch on a Mini Cooper at the World Art Dubai 2021.

Dubai-based doodle artist Sijin Gopinathan created the live doodle sketch as a tribute to artists around the world. The doodle art work includes five greatest international artists of all times — Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent Van Gogh, Frida Kahlo and Johannes Vermeer.

Sijin Gopinathan with the artwork on the Mini Cooper. Image Credit: Supplied

Working as a creative designer, Sijin said the concept of live doodling on a car was done for the first time in the GCC region at the art fair in Dubai World Trade Centre that concluded on Saturday.

Tribute to masters

“When I got the opportunity to do a live doodling at World Art Dubai, I felt I needed to make something special and unique. So, I made a tribute doodle artwork to my favourite artists. Since my childhood I’ve been following these masters of all time and their works. I’m a huge fan of them.”

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Gopinathan said he got bored with following the same process over and over again. So he used his car as a canvas. Image Credit: Supplied

He said during most events he used to make art works on flat surfaces. “As an artist I got bored while doing the same process again and again. So I used my car as a canvas for the huge mural in black ink. Now it is getting very good response from artists and art lovers in Dubai.”

Secret revealed

Revealing a secret behind the special art work, Sijin, who is also the founder of Thee Artist Network, said the design could be peeled off any time as he had used a peelable coating on the car before using permanent markers for drawing.

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Apart from Sijin’s car masterpiece, a number of live performances kept visitors entertained throughout the four-day fair including Rangoli art by Prachi Sharma, live spray painting by street artist Dina Saadi, art made entirely out of coffee by Raha Coffee Art, and live music demonstrations from Melodica Dubai, the music and dance institute, said the organisers.