Aparna Chintakunta, Owner, Treehouse Kids Amusement Centre Image Credit: Supplied

How and why was Treehouse created?

Treehouse was opened at WAFI City with the idea of providing a safe sanctaury for parents to drop off their children while they are away at work or shopping, running errands, or for those who are just looking forward to some me time.

Sensory play area for toddlers at Treehouse Image Credit: Supplied

It is a homely, cosy and fun place for kids to stay and play while their parents are away. The staff are the pillars of Treehouse, who take such good care of the children, with so much love. We are centrally located in Dubai with easy access to major connecting roads, offices and residential areas.

We have flexible timings and no limit to the duration of stay for children to meet the convenience of parents, which was our main intention. We strive on keeping the centre homely and friendly, where children are not only comfortable but more importantly safe. A place they love to come every time.

Please share some information on the summer camps that Treehouse will be hosting this season.

Summer Camp starts from 4th July 2021 for ages 2 to 6 years.

Some of the activities that will be included are arts & crafts, balloon bending, slime making, play dough, sensory play, music, dance, story time etc. This is in addition to the access to our play area. The activities will be from 9am to 2pm, which is five hours a day. We try the most to avoid screen time for children during their stay.

With social distancing norms still in place, how is Treehouse hoping to generate interest in parents in a post-pandemic world?

We at Treehouse follow all mandatory Covid precautions and regulations to ensure safety and hygiene for the children. The play equipment is arranged to maintain a minimum of 1.5m distance among the children while they are playing.

Toys and play equipment are cleaned and sanitised at regular intervals through the day. All children above 3 years of age wear masks inside the premises.

Location: WAFI Pyramids, Healthcare City, Dubai

USP: It is a kids drop-off/play area for children aged 4 months to 8 years

Timings: Sunday to Thursday: 8am to 7pm; Friday: 11am to 8pm; Saturday: 9am to 6pm

Special mention: Summer camp starts on July 4 and runs until July 29

Contact: +971 50 6283374