The Indian Academy Dubai (TIAD) is a school that places a strong emphasis on value-based teaching and learning. The school aims to instil universal human values such as respect, honesty, justice, compassion, and happiness in students.

According to experts, value-based education is essential for every student as it teaches them how to deal with different situations, make the right decisions, and react when things don’t go their way. This approach creates a settled environment that enhances quality teaching and enables teachers to raise the bar for student performance.

TIAD has moved from parent-teacher conferences to student-led conferences (SLCs), which have a significant impact on the learning journey of the student. Student-led conferences foster a sense of agency, improve communication, and promote a holistic approach to education.

TIAD is focused on eliminating all signs of bullying in school and is in line with the laws of the country to protect students while in the school’s care from all acts and omissions constituting physical abuse, emotional abuse, neglect, and bullying. The school also recognises mental health and well-being and was rated VERY GOOD in the last DSIB inspection for well-being. TIAD runs a Rahhal programme in line with KHDA, where sports and Hifz (memorisation of the Quran) are a part of this big umbrella.

Students who are passionate about sports and want to pursue sports as a career or play at the nationals or international level are given an opportunity to be a part of the Rahal programme.

TIAD is proud to announce that five of its badminton players, Dev Vishnu, Dev Ayyappan, Dhiren Ayyappan, Taabia Khan, and Aleena Qathun, have been selected for the UAE National Team to compete in the BA Mixed Team Championship 2023. Students who want to do Hifz or memorise the Quran are given an opportunity to do so within the curriculum hours every day from 12pm to 2pm. The school has set up a mosque and made separate arrangements for boys and girls to do the same.