When Liz and her husband Jon were looking for a boarding school for their children, they knew they wanted a single-sex setting. “I’ve always believed in single-sex classrooms,” says Liz. “Girls and boys learn differently from each other. They are less distracted when taught separately.”

Even so, Liz and Jon recognise the value of social and co-curricular mixing between girls and boys at such a formative time in their lives.

Their challenge was holding these beliefs in tension – especially because they have a son, Jake, and a daughter, Seraphina. “Living in Dubai, we ideally wanted them to go to school in the same place, and be in a boarding environment that would fully occupy them during termtime,” explains Liz.

Fortunately, they found a solution, in the bustling Dorset town of Sherborne.

“Sherborne has a girls’ school and a boys’ school, both offering full boarding,” she says. “While they teach separately, they offer a full range of co-curricular and social activities together. It gives us and our children the best of both worlds.”

As you’d expect, Jake and Seraphina find reassurance in their proximity. “They travel together at the start and end of term, and they meet up for birthdays or other important events,” reports Liz. “This has definitely helped them feel at home in Sherborne.”

More than that, Liz says Sherborne’s culture of kindness has enabled both children to take flight. “They’ve become more independent and genuinely great company. Sherborne’s made them curious, thoughtful and considerate.” Liz concludes. “The Sherborne Schools really do offer a unique proposition.”

Dr Dominic Luckett, Head of Sherborne School and Dr Ruth Sullivan, Head of Sherborne Girls are hosting a series of events in Dubai on February 22-24, 2024.

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