For its first edition, the award received 33 entries from 14 nations worldwide. Image Credit: Supplied

Sharjah: Sharjah Book Authority (SBA) has announced the second edition of the Sharjah Rights Connection Award continuing to celebrate the invaluable and innovative contributions made by rights professionals to promoting, diversifying and empowering the global publishing industry in an ever-changing world. Rights professionals are an essential part of the supply chain, working hard to get authors’ works into the hands of readers by selling translation and other rights licences, generating income for authors whilst giving readers access to an international canon of work.

Designed to support rights professionals and enhance opportunities for industry growth, the global award will be presented in two distinct categories: one, to a professional working for a publishing company selling translation rights; and second, to a professional working for an agency or working alone selling translation rights for multiple clients.

Entries for the second edition of the Sharjah Rights Connection Award have begun and will close on August 31. Winners will be announced at the 2023 Publishers Conference taking place on October 29, 30 and 31.

This edition of the award is open to professionals in major publishing hubs like US, UK, Asia and Germany, and encourages applications from emerging markets across Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East and beyond.

For its first edition, the award received 33 entries from 14 nations worldwide including Egypt, India, and the UK, the UAE, Albania, Argentina, Canada, Finland, Germany, Lebanon, Lithuania, Mexico, and South Africa.

This first-of-its-kind international award turns the spotlight on individuals who have made tremendous contributions to fuelling the translations movements, thereby playing a significant role in carrying Sharjah’s message of building bridges between cities and nations and enhancing cultural appreciation and understanding by taking unique voices and narratives from different parts of the world to readers worldwide.

Submission criteria

Global rights professionals can nominate themselves or be entered by their companies to be eligible for either of the two categories of the Sharjah Rights Connection Award.

Submissions must be made in English and include two 500-word testimonials from clients that the nominated professional currently works with to make a compelling case for why they should win the award. Only individuals can apply, team submissions will not be accepted.

Applicants must specify the category they are applying for together with personal contact details. Applicants can also volunteer information not exceeding 1,000 words on the growth of their business during the previous year, successful deals clinched, innovations, partnerships, and other achievements, with supporting images.