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Jessica Lawal, Grade 12 student of American Community School of Abu Dhabi (ACS)

Jessica Lawal

My high-school journey is one that I will always cherish. Despite living through a pandemic, ACS has provided me with four years full of opportunities, growth, and skills that have allowed me to see my true potential and capabilities. The teachers have guided me through the enriching American curriculum, which has challenged me academically beyond dimensions. ACS has successfully shaped me into a well-rounded student. I led and started cultural, athletic and school-spirit initiatives that helped me develop my interests and support the community. Through my active involvement in the school community, I’ve been able to hone my passion for activism. I now plan on becoming a lawyer, using the problem-solving, analytical and innovative skills I have acquired.”

Chanseok Hwang, American School of Dubai (ASD) valedictorian

Chanseok Hwang

I am eternally grateful to have been raised in an international community like Dubai, rich with cultural and intellectual diversity. Fourteen years at ASD have allowed me to interact with some remarkable people – friends, teachers and coaches who have all struck a chord of passion and positivity within me, which I will carry wherever I go. Looking forward, I’m excited to continue learning from others as I embrace my experiences growing up in Dubai and ASD.”

Daniel El-Sharkawy, American School of Dubai (ASD) valedictorian

Daniel El-Sharkawy

"Living in Dubai and attending the American School of Dubai have been two of the greatest blessings for me. My last 18 years in Dubai and five years at ASD have taught me so much, and I can only thank my wonderful teachers, friends and caring family for that. ASD has challenged me in every aspect of life, pushing me ever so close to my goals. My teachers’ guidance, care and trust have allowed me to freely explore my passion without restrictions or fear of failure. My remarkable peers at ASD have never failed to radiate kindness, support and love. Overall, the culture at ASD is incomparable and I will truly miss it, along with Dubai. From attending Ultimate Class Competitions and travelling abroad with friends on INSPIRE, to simply exchanging smiles with those in the hallways, every detail made with ASD will be missed greatly.”

Mark Sorial, American School of Dubai (ASD) valedictorian

Mark Sorial

"I am certain that my education at ASD will propel my success in university and beyond. The dedicated teachers have been vital to my academic achievements, fostering my curiosity in and out of the classroom. ASD has been a cradle of innovation, inspiring personal projects and providing me with a supportive community. As captain of the Academic Games programme, I gained interdisciplinary knowledge and learned valuable leadership lessons. The Speech & Debate team sharpened my quick thinking, coherent argumentation, and public speaking skills. Throughout my time at ASD, I have formed invaluable connections that will last a lifetime.”