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Movies and parties, outings with friends all are fun provided they happen. But before yoy get all dressed up and feel giddy headed with joy, there is some work and effort which all goes into one thing: getting your parents’ approval. It is vital to have your parents agree to your time out otherwise trying to be a rebel will get you grounded. Therefore, be sure that your plan is well executed.

There are several steps to be taken here:

1) First, get all the details from your friends such as the place and timings; the list of friends and most important, transportation. Who will pick up and who will drop off who. These aspects are vital to their consent.

2) Then you have the two-three working days to come up with rest of your plan: Why do you need to go and what exactly will you do, etc

3) After gathering all the data, it’s the presentation time. So pick an appropriate moment. Ensure your parents are in a transcendently happy/calm/cool mood. Then, slowly, lay out all the information. Keep your tome and manner gentle.

4) Then comes the most challenging part of this process: the cross-examination: Is it safe? Are there girls? Boys? How many? Do their parents know? How long will it take? How many places will you be going to?

After endless questions (theirs) and answers (yours), it is time for the verdict. Which depends on how well you have presented your case.

If you’ve convinced them, congratulations. If you couldn’t, better luck next time.

Parting shot

Whatever be the outcome, the fact is, our parents ensure our safety; they have an uncanny instinct, just like a superhero who can sense danger a mile away. The countless number of movies I’ve seen prove that when your parents tell you something, listen, as everything happens for a reason.

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The most boring movie I ever saw: Honestly, no film can be tedious. All movies have a build-up and a climax, so they are eventlful.