Abu Dhabi: The Ministry of Education has appointed advisors to assist principals in Al Ghad schools.

The ministry recently issued a report about the results of the principal advisor programme in Al Ghad or model schools, during the first academic semester.

The report showed the positive impact of leadership skills on the principals of Al Ghad schools as well as the development of communication between students and their administration.

The ministry also decided to conduct workshops to help transform the educational environment. New workshops were organised in Al Ghad schools to help improve students' academic standards, leadership skills, educational ideas and responsibilities.

"Students are our main concern; that's why principals must function as educational leaders in their schools and communities. The report proved the success of the principal advisor programme in Al Ghad schools and affected the professional development of both administrative and academic staff positively.

"The ministry is currently preparing a full evaluation report of the programme's function and remarks after the first semester," said Dr Hanif Hassan, Minister of Education.