Little Dreamer
Mannaz Vatanparvar, Owner and Managing Director Image Credit: Supplied

The Little Dreamers Nursery, the award winning trilingual ‘home away from home’ British nursery, located in the heart of Dubai, Jumeirah 3, EYFS / FS2 children’s nursery, provides you with the best education services in the early years.

 Mahnaz Vatanparvar, Owner and Founder, says, "One of my biggest achievements is providing an Award Winning pre-school for you all. My own personal journey inspired me to achieve this goal. Being a new mum myself, while studying for my Master’s Degree, finding a Nursery to call “home” was my top priority. While I was looking for the perfect Nursery for my child, I discovered my own dream to help other families and opened my own Nursery. As you bring a new life into the world, you’ll be faced with plenty of challenges. We are very proud to ensure a comfortable, safe and secure environment for your child to learn, meet their full potential and most importantly have fun! From your baby’s first smile, to the moment they create new friends, the love you have for your baby is endless. So if you’re looking for a true “home away from home” learning environment, then The Little Dreamers Nursery is the right choice for you!

All children deserve the best education, not just improving their literacy and mathematics, but also shaping them into little curious learners. As children and adults, everyone loves an adventure and at The Little Dreamers Nursery, we are inspired by the curiosity approach and develop children’s imagination and creativity through self-discovery. We engage them in many hands-on activities. Nature-Based Learning is an educational approach that integrates nature into learning activities that foster children’s cognitive, social, and physical development. It’s time to return to childhood, where activities such as gardening and nature walks provide children with the opportunity to explore and engage with the natural world. Children are intuitive scientists who like exploring the natural world through their senses. They develop curious minds by questioning, problem solving and making theories.

At The Little Dreamers Nursery, we want children to flourish and to create memories that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to welcome you to our “home away from home.” Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling.