Anne Hathaway in a scene from the film Get Smart. Image Credit: Supplied

Akshita Chhetri

Grade 10, The Westminster School, Dubai

When it comes to wanting a task to be as thrilling as a roller-coaster, I find myself with an unrestrained passion for it. I believe that choosing a career path is one of the most critical decisions for anybody, and what’s a job without thrill? I have always wondered; do elders really have a sense of contentment while doing their job? Or is it performed out of a sense of duty and driven by dilemma?

Staring at the brightly lit up screen of my unstoppable television, I have often observed the gestures of an incomparable legend: James Bond. An invincible being of absolute action-packed flexibility. He was an idea twisted into reality.

In my point of view, espionage may be one of the most rousing professions on earth — if you are ready to risk it all.

With strength and discipline, you might just be capable of joining the next set of breathtaking spies. The capability to step out of your comfort zone is all it takes. But here’s the catch — you need to be able to psychologically play with the opponent. So, if you can process a set of body languages/habits, tone and registers, including facial features, you might’ve just figured out a path to lure them towards you.

Espionage is not all fun and games, however.

Every new mission signifies a brand-new identity and a struggle with being able to achieve a smooth transformation. It may be easy to dispose of one’s true self but it is extremely challenging to rebuild a new side to you, knowing that it takes practice to make that person perfect. Educating oneself regarding a variety of languages, cultures, ethics and lifestyle is not a trouble-free task for anyone. The primary responsibility of being a spy or a secret agent is about dealing with various people and displaying the right type of attitude.

Those who seek the continuous thrill of spectacular escapades should definitely consider preparing from now on.

I believe that passion leads to absolute success if you know how to direct it the right way.

If I had to learn a language, it would be...
Mandarin, as it has a massive scope in the future paving a path to various career opportunities. The reason I started learning it through the Happy Mandarin Institute was because of the impact it holds. The world’s leading population is Chinese as they play a vital role in the global economy.

Akshita Chhetri Image Credit: Supplied