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  •  Fortes Education builds on the outstanding education offered at its schools, Sunmarke School and Regent International School, by providing free online trial classes and an exclusive virtual Head Start Programme for all Year 11 students

Fortes Education has launched free virtual classes, Sixth Form preparatory courses and affordable fee options to meet the needs of all students. Fortes, through its schools, Sunmarke School and Regent International School, is offering free virtual classes for Years 1 to 10 and Years 1 to 6 respectively. These classes cover the core subjects in a focussed timetable and can be accessed by students anywhere in the world for two weeks. For students in Year 11 who will be pursuing the IBDP, IBCP, A Level or BTEC, Sunmarke is offering an accelerator Head Start Programme to gain key skills and concepts that will allow students to springboard into Year 12 in September 2020.

"Our free 2-week free Virtual Learning Programme will help families familiarise themselves with Regent’s outstanding online education, cutting-edge technology platforms and exceptional teachers. This will help parents make a truly informed decision of whether they wish to enrol in our school or not,” said Mrs. Gaynor Dale, Principal of Regent International School. "Our virtual schools follow a model of synchronous (live, real time) and asynchronous (pre-recorded videos, course notes, assessments, and homework) learning.”

Sunmarke too offers a 2-week free Virtual Learning Programme for Years 1 to 10 as well as an affordable virtual Head Start Programme for Year 11 students preparing to enter into Sixth Form (Year 12) next year.

Dr. Neil Hopkin, Principal of Sunmarke, explains, “Year 11 students have completed the curriculum this year and have valuable time on their hands. This time can be used effectively to get a head start for Year 12 next year and avoid loss of learning, skills and knowledge from an idle mind. Additionally, education has to offer parents value-for-money. At Sunmarke, we take this obligation to parents very seriously. If students have a particular interest they would like to pursue, or if they are looking at a specific career path for which extra study is the key to success, then Sunmarke’s Head Start Programme is the right choice for them, whether they are a Sunmarke student or not. Students can log in from anywhere in the world to get a taster of subjects they want to pursue in the IBDP, IBCP, A Level or BTEC. The Head Start lessons are worldclass and the cost very affordable so new students can avail of this course to fill the gaps in their educational journey in a cost-effective and purposeful way.”

The schools, judged ‘Outstanding’ (by the British School Overseas inspection authority) and ‘Very Good’ (by the KHDA, the educational quality assurance and regulatory authority of the Government of Dubai), stand committed to helping all families through this crisis while delivering an outstanding virtual education through live, interactive and challenging online classes.

Fortes Education and its schools stand committed to helping parents in this crisis with innovative solutions like its 2-week free Virtual Learning Programme and the exclusive Head Start Programme, besides the 20 to 25% blanket discount for Term 3 Fees offered to all families at both schools