I am a Grade 11 student studying commerce. I would like to be a wedding planner. Could you suggest colleges in Dubai where I can pursue my ambition? Suha Usman, Dubai

The role of a wedding planner involves the arrangement and coordination of weddings including planning the theme, setting the budget and working with suppliers to ensure that everything is executed smoothly. The job is highly demanding and comes with a great degree of responsibility.

You need to be extremely creative, organised, flexible, detail-oriented, have the ability to handle stress and be willing to work long hours. It is also essential to be familiar with the different rituals and ceremonies associated with weddings in different religions and cultures, especially if you want to work in a multicultural place like Dubai.

Some students prefer to take a fulltime course in event management or hotel management where wedding planning is one of the components. One such course is offered by the National Academy of Event Management and Development at Ahmedabad and Jaipur. The course combines classroom training, practical exposure and case studies, and includes wedding planning along with modules on management of other events. If you wish to study in Dubai then the wedding planning career development course at Canadian University of Dubai is definitely worth considering.

This vocational programme, offered in conjunction with the EMDI Institute of Media and Communication and the World Media Academy, provides interactive, hands-on experience and classroom lessons. The course includes all aspects of wedding planning including themes, venues, budget, timelines and understanding of concepts and traditions.

The EMDI Institute of Media and Communication in Dubai Knowledge Village also offers a six-month part-time diploma in wedding planning. The course is divided into three components – expat, Asian and Arabic weddings – incorporating practical sessions at various venues in the city in addition to classroom lectures.

Many wedding planning courses can be taken online or in a blended format, which combine virtual classes with events, meetings and practical assignments. The International Institute of Event Management has a suite of even planning courses including a certificate programme in wedding planning.