Kehkashan Basu plays the guitar for students in Kathmandu. Three members of youth group Green Hope flew to Kathmandu to distribute 100kg of educational materials to orphans there. Image Credit: Supplied


A Dubai-based youth organisation travelled to Nepal to bring the “gift of education” for the Eid holidays to orphans.

Three members of youth group Green Hope namely Kehkashan Basu, 16, Emile Anand, 15, and Aryan Orpe, 13, flew to Kathmandu on July 1 to distribute more than 100kg of educational materials such as books, pencils and stationery and LED bulbs they had collected for two months. The members also painstakingly saved their pocket money or raised funds within their circle of friends for the campaign.

“Green Hope works to achieve a sustainable future by direct engagement and upliftment of the marginalised sections of civil society. Poverty eradication is the greatest challenge facing humanity and [poverty] affects young people and women the most. We believe that education provides a long-term solution to this issue and our current campaign was a step towards this direction,” said Kehkashan Basu, 16, Green Hope Founder president and Youth Ambassador of World Future Council.

Green Hope, a youth group primarily campaigning for the environment, collaborated with Prisoners Assistance Nepal, an NGO that runs several homes called the “Nayabazar Home” and “Sankhu Home” for the children of prisoners languishing in various local jails.

The group conducted workshops and enlightened children about various sustainability issues such as how to stop food wastage, how to conserve and save water and energy. They planted 100 saplings with students of a local school as a symbolic green gesture. They also distributed 100 LED lights to encourage the people to shift to more energy-efficient lighting.

“This visit has made us realise that no matter where we live, we all speak the same language and are equally passionate about protecting our planet. We, the youth are the future and our future is what we make of it,” Basu said.

“Hence, it is imperative that we assume the responsibility of making a difference and take actions within our own circles of influence. Time is not on our side. It is for us to make that choice — now!”