Distance learning
In a country where mobile connectivity and broadband penetration is among the highest in the world, we must fully harness the educational technology to further improve teaching and learning Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: The Ministry of Education has approved the application of the smart measurement policy to measure the academic performance of students at public schools and private schools following the ministry’s curricula during the third semester of the academic year 2019-2020.

The smart evaluation system will also apply to institutes of applied technology and technical institutes as well as to home schoolers and students enrolled in integrated continuing education centres.

The smart policy has been approved after conducting extensive studies, taking the interest of students into account under the current conditions. Based on several pillars, the smart evaluation system is in keeping with the smart learning methods adopted by the ministry to ensure the sustainability of education in the country.

The system will be applied for the third semester only. Accordingly the calculation of evaluation outputs will be limited to measuring the content of the third semester only, using the latest artificial intelligence programs to ensure a unique experience related to concept of measuring learning outcomes.

It aims to ensure the measurement of students’ performance in the smart learning process.

The student's final scores for the 2019/2020 academic year will be calculated based on the arithmetic (average) of the three semesters. Students will receive an electronic report of the end-of-year results through the Al Manhal Portal.

For students in grades 1-3, teachers will measure the performance of their students in form of check points designed to measure the student’s knowledge and skills.

For students in grades 4-11, a set of central short exams will be applied through online testing systems representing the weight of the final evaluation, in addition to the formative evaluation, whose tools and criteria are centrally determined and implemented by the teacher of each subject.

For grade 12 students, they will subject to continuous smart measurements carried out by the subject teacher for all subjects, in addition to central smart exams involving the skills and knowledge in the third semester.