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A total of 11 Abu Dhabi schools achieved a rating of Outstanding, which allows them to hike fees for the upcoming academic year by up to 3.94 per cent. Photo for illustrative purpose only Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Abu Dhabi this week announced fee hikes across its private schools, with the amount of the increase depending on the school’s overall inspection or Irtiqaa ranking.

A total of 11 schools achieved a rating of Outstanding, which allows them to hike fees for the upcoming academic year by up to 3.94 per cent. Among these schools, 10 offer the British curriculum, whereas one offers the International Baccalaureate curriculum. Fees at the various schools, ahead of the upcoming hikes, range between Dh23,000 to Dh96,333.

Another 37 schools have been ranked Very Good, and are eligible to increase fees by up to 3.38 per cent.

Fee hikes have also been permitted at lower-rated schools by the emirate’s education regulator, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek), following a three-year pause in fee hikes amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

A total of 85 schools were rated Good and can now raise fees by 2.81 per cent, whereas the 63 schools rated Acceptable and one school rated Weak can increase fees by 2.25 per cent.

The annual Irtiqaa inspections follow the UAE Unified School Inspection Framework and cover six performance standards: students’ achievement; students’ personal and social development and their innovation skills; teaching and assessment; curriculum; protection, care, guidance, and support of students; and leadership and management. Each standard incorporates 17 performance indicators to assess each school’s academic and administrative effectiveness.

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How does your school rank?

Here is a list of the schools in the various groups, along with the curriculum taught at each institution.


British curriculum

Al Muna Primary School, Al Yasmina School, Bloom Academy Al Ain, Bloom Gardens School, Cranleigh School Abu Dhabi Merryland International School, Pearl Primary School, Repton Foundation School, The British International School Abu Dhabi, The British School Al Khubairat

International Baccalaureate: Raha International School

Very Good

British curriculum: Al Ain English Speaking School, Al Ain International School, Al Basma British School, Al Bateen School, Al Mamoura School, Belvedere British School, GEMS Cambridge International, GEMS Winchester School, GEMS World Academy, Repton School, The Cambridge High School

American curriculum: Abu Dhabi International Private School, Abu Dhabi International School MBZ, Ajyal International School, Al Dhafra Private School, Al Ittihad National Private School — Shakhbout City, Al Ittihad National Private School — Khalifa City, American Community School, Emirates National School — MBZ, Emirates National School — Al Ain, GEMS American Academy, Horizon Private School, International Community School, Liwa International School, Sheikh Zayed Academy for Boys, Sheikh Zayed Academy for Girls, The American International School Abu Dhabi

Ministry of Education: Al Andalus Private Academy, Al Bashair Private School, Rosary Private School,

Indian: Bright Riders School, Private International English School, St Joseph’s School,

Others: Canadian International School (Canadian), German International School (German), Japanese Private School (Japanese), Lycee Louis Massignon (French)


British: Ajyal International School, Al Dhafra Private Schools, Al Nahda National Girls School, Al Nahda National Boys School, Al Najah Private School, Al Rabeeh School, Al Rabeeh Academy, Aspen Heights British School, Diyafah International School, Garden City British School, International Community School Br 4, International Community School Br 1, Reach British School, Wales International School

American: ADNOC Schools — Ghayathi, ADNOC Schools -Ruwais, ADNOC Schools — Sas Al Nakhl, Al Adhwa Private School, Al Ain American Private School, Al Bateen Science American School, Al Dhafra Private Academy, Al Ittihad National Private School, Al Sanawbar Private School, Al Yasat Private School, Bani Yas International Private, Emirates Falcon International School, Emirates National Schools-Br 3, Future International Academy, Future International School, International Jubilee Private School, Liwa International School, Liwa International Private School, Madar International School, Manor Hall International School, Mohammed Bin Khaled Al Nahyan School, Rawafed Private School, Royal American School, Sharjah American International School, Summit International School, The Elite Private School, The Gulf International Academy, United School of Al Yahar, Virginia International Private School, West Yas School Branch 6

Ministry of Education: Al Dar Private School, Al Dhabiania Private School, Al Eman Private School, Al Hamadanya Grand Private School, Al Khalil International Private School, Al Manara Private School, Al Manhal International Private School, Al Tharawat National Private School, Ashbal Al Quds Private Secondary School, Baraem Al Ain Private School, Beit Al Maqdes International Private School, Dar Al Uloom Private School — Baniyas, Dar Al Uloom Private School — Al Ain, Emirates Private School — Al Ain, Emirates Private School — Abu Dhabi, National Torches Private School, Tawaam Model Private School

Indian: Abu Dhabi Indian School, Abu Dhabi Indian School — Al Wathba, Al Saad Indian School, Asian International School — Ruwais, Bhavans Pearl Wisdom School, Dunes International School, GEMS United Indian School, Global Indian International School, Grace Valley Indian School, Indian Private School, International Indian School, Mayoor Private School, Oasis International Private School, Our Own English High School, Sunrish English Private School

Others: Abu Dhabi Grammar School (Canadian), Choueifat — Abu Dhabi City (SABIS), Choueifat — Khalifa A (SABIS), International School Of Choueifat (SABIS), Lycee Fr Int Theodore Mono (French), Madar International School (Canadian), SABIS — Yas Island (SABIS), SABIS International — Ruwais (SABIS)


British: ABC Private School, Abdulla Bin Zubair Private School, Al Manahil Private School, Al Murooj Scientific Private School, Al Shohub Private School, Beaconhouse Private School, Belvedere International School, Creative British School, Crescent International School, Global English School, Goodwill Children Private School, Islamia English School, Manar Al Ilm,

American: Abu Dhabi Island Private School, ADNOC Schools — Madinat Zayed, Alia International School, American National School, California American School, Emirates National Schools Branch 2, Future Leaders International — Baniyas, Future Leaders International — Abu Dhabi, International Academic School, Pinnacle American School, United School of Baniyas,

Ministry of Education: Ain Al Khaleej Private School, Al Awa’il Private School, El Ekhlass Private School, Al Isra’a Private School, Al Maharat Private School, Al Manara Private School Branch 1, Al Marfaa International School, Al Muneera Private School, Al Seddeeq Private School, Al Tafawwuq Al Ilmi School, Al Yaher Private School, Baraaim Al Ain Private School, Emirates Education Academy, Emirates Private School — Baniyas, First Lebanon Private School, Horizon Private School — Khalifa City, Ibn Khaldoun Islamic School, International Private School, Palestine Private Academy, Polaris Private Academy, Private Modern School, Rowad Al Dhafra Private School, Universal Private School, Vision Private School, Yas Academy, Zakher Private School

Indian: Al Ain Juniors Private School, Asian International — Zayed City, Asian International — Al Dhafra, Darul Huda Islamic School, Emirates Future International, New Indian Model School, Ryan International, Shining Star International, The Model Private School,

International Baccalaureate: Abu Dhabi Australian School,

Others: Pakistani Community Welfare, Pakistani Islamic School, Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Arab Pakistani School, The Philippine Global School, The Philippine School.


Others: Philippine Emirates School (Philippine), Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Bangladeshi Islamia School (Bangladeshi)