Dubai skyline
90 per cent of respondents defined the emirate as ‘innovative’ and 89 per cent as ‘creative.’ Image Credit: WAM

Dubai: Dubai is home to the most vibrant creative sector in the region, according to a survey commissioned by the Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, The survey looked at perceptions of Dubai’s creative sector among the UAE’s arts and culture professionals and consumers alongside those in other countries throughout the region.

Ninety five per cent of respondents saw Dubai as having a vibrant creative sector, the highest rating in the region; 90 per cent defined the emirate as ‘innovative’ and 89 per cent as ‘creative’; 82 per cent of consumers also said they favoured Dubai’s homegrown culture and arts production to their home countries, while 90 per cent said they were highly engaged in local cultural and arts activities. A further 76 per cent of Dubai-based arts and culture professionals and 60 per cent of their contemporaries in other emirates agreed that Dubai’s ecosystem had developed enough for the creative sector to flourish.

The survey was conducted online, in English and Arabic, among 100 UAE residents who work in the creative sector across the different Emirates, and 200 UAE residents between 21 and 65 years who have visited cultural attractions such as museums, theatres, and arts institutions at least twice in the past 12 months.

Her Highness Shaikha Latifa bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Chairperson of Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, said: “The fact that our survey’s respondents ranked Dubai as the most vibrant creative city in the region is a true testament to the homegrown passion and talent we witness here. These results show that we are on the right path, and they also help us to identify the steps we need to take to support the ongoing development of the sector, such as investing in talent and creatives and setting new policies that facilitate a flourishing creative ecosystem.”